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Tension Out Of High Tension Wires Removed.

Ipsita Ray

HUDA is clearing all that is acting as a hurdle in the way of building the Dwarka Expressway.The high tension 220 KV and 66 KV wires which are acting as a hurdle since the highways cannot be aligned, will be shifted out of the way so that the construction can smoothly be carried. Around 20 Crores has been proposed for this move. There are 5 High tension towers in the 18 Km stretch from Dwarka to Kherki Daula. HUDA has removed encroachments from Kherki Daula village to clear way for construction of a 600-metre section of Dwarka expressway that will merge with NH8. Huda will hand over the land to NHAI after clearing all the obstacles. The 568 outees of the encroached properties were given alternatives long time back but have still not moved with the term that they should move within a span of 6 months. The deadline got over in August 2017.Some of the owners of these land own General and Special power of attorney. So it is taking some time to clear those portions. The authorities have demolished structures on a 500-metre stretch, thus paving the way to connect Dwarka Expressway with Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway after the order were passed. This land has been handed over to Huda’s engineering wing to build a road that will ensure movement of light motor vehicles such as jeeps and cars once the road is built by the engineering department. The authority is working on solutions so that those who have to relocate do not face any problems and has assured that injustice will not be done. The high voltage 220 KV lines by 220 KV and 66 KV lines are expected to be shifted by March 31.