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Myshopdeal Strongest USP Our Clients Satisfaction.

Ipsita Ray

Everyone have fancy things to say about customer service, but it’s just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity. One has to be completely passionate about  the way they work toward customer satisfaction and we can most happily say that we strive hard to do that. Our satisfied clients base will certainly vouch for that.


If you are wondering how we work toward it and why its our strongest USP then just keep reading on :


We always keep our promises real and deliver on time:


We promise what we can deliver, to the customers and we do so at the time we specify. That is the reason why they keep coming back to us and with more friends and family as reference. In other words, under promise and over deliver is the policy that we adhere to. We always work with reputed A class builders so there is not fake promises and undelivered promise. The builders we choose for our customer base never falls out and are reputed, because we know a good home and long term commitments is the key to a customer’s heart and that is why they are with us.


Respect Our Client:


We respect our clients needs, interest and keep in mind that their wellbeing in taken care of.  All our departments like customer care, sales, IT, Content etc, customer facing or not, cares about customer satisfaction. Each one of us strive to make sure their interest is taken care with priority.


We do not stop at sales we believe in long term relationships


There are many different ways in which we connect with the clients to know their experience: post-purchase and post-support surveys, enclosures in the monthly invoice, follow-up phone calls and quarterly or annual surveys. We take the right method which depends on the comfort level of our customer base. We pamper our clients with respect, love and happiness so that they do not bother to go anywhere else.


Post sales relationship maintenance


We do not stop at sale, we go much beyond and try to find out how are customers are feeling and whether they are satisfied. We do post-purchase and post-support surveys, enclosures in the monthly invoice, follow-up phone calls and quarterly or annual surveys to find out if things have gone as per expectation. We measure every part of our service delivery.


We provide them with a variety of services by experts


We know that our clients are high end buyers and they have various needs and it is difficult for them to find reliable services.We also know our valuable clients are extremely busy so they do not have time to hunt around. We have a bouquet of services by experts like Digital marketing, Web designing, NGO, Graphics and printing, musical instruments, home automation, celebrating occasions and so much more. You just name it and we provide it for them.That is how we got our tag line #UDemandVDeliver. These are provided by reliable sources who are associated with us since a long time.


Spoilt for choice


We deal with A category builders ike m3m, Emaar, Godrej, Baani, Microtek, DLF, Mahindra. The products they offer are truly world class as well as they have impeccable delivery time. We have products within a wide price range and location so our customers are literally spoilt for choice.

As gurgaon is developing into a millennium city we are growing with this beautiful city. We make sure our clients find the place they truly can call home in this city of dreams.


Friendship is the base of our organisation


Our clients are our friends, we do not believe in closing the relation post sales. As a friend they trust us and have faith that we will take care of all their aspirations and needs and we feel privileged when our old customers just call up happily to say how satisfied they are with their home and everything. We love the smile on our customers face when we secretly send them gifts and show that we truly care.


Myshopdeal is about a journey of friends and all the happy memories we gather on the way. It is about holding hands and rising together, believing in one another and delivering promises.